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Achieve More with Martello Vantage DX

In today’s modern workplace, a reliable Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams is critical to business productivity. However, managing the performance & quality of these applications is challenging.

Martello has merged the capabilities of both Martello Gizmo and Martello iQ into a single platform solution with exciting new capabilities: Vantage DX™. Whether you are a Martello Live Maps, Gizmo or iQ user, you can now upgrade your solution and benefit from our advanced testing, troubleshooting and reporting features.

What’s in It for You?

  • Get access to network path analysis features for Microsoft 365
  • Monitor every Teams call, group and alert on issues per location, ISP, network, etc.
  • Correlate Gizmo insights with your own infrastructure and network data to get full visibility on the entire delivery of Microsoft 365.
  • Get advanced performance reporting highlighting the root cause of any issue.

  • Expand SLA and performance reports to include rich Microsoft 365 monitoring data.
  • Get new integrations such as Microsoft Teams Call Quality Analytics and PSTN monitoring.
  • Get access to the network path analysis features for Microsoft 365.
  • Easy access to Microsoft 365 advanced monitoring capabilities.

  • Correlate your SCOM data with other monitoring and ITSM tools.
  • Get access to the network path analysis features for Microsoft 365.
  • Extend your monitoring capabilities to Microsoft cloud (Microsoft 365 and Azure).
  • Benefit from advanced SLA reporting that covers your other monitoring and ITSM tools.

How to Upgrade?

Get onboard with our Martello Vantage DX cloud edition and benefit from our entire solution without any deployment.

Upgrade your existing Martello iQ or Martello Gizmo on premise version with our upgraded on-premises packages.

Martello also supports hybrid deployments enabling particular security needs to be fulfilled.

Contact us today to start your journey with Martello Vantage DX!

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