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Facilitating Remote Communication and a Positive Unified Communications Experience

March 16, 2020

In a time of uncertainty, companies are having to make tough decisions about cancelling events, curtailing non-essential travel and implementing policies that remove people from the traditional workspace. With growing recognition that investing in a technology infrastructure that enables teams to continue to collaborate and work effectively, remote work has become top of mind for many Network Engineers, System Administrations and CIOs.

Unified Communications (UC) performance, as with any voice, video or VPN traffic, is tightly intertwined with the underlying network performance. By monitoring and measuring key metrics in real-time, IT specialists can receive advance notice that users are about to experience poor voice quality if no corrective measures are taken.

End-User Experience Monitoring for UC Performance Analytics →

VOIP Networks, Mitel’s Northeast Partner of the Year for the Americas, has many customers with distributed businesses that rely on Mitel video conferencing and communication solutions for remote real-time collaboration. With business travel constrained, remote collaboration becomes mission-critical for its customers.

Troubleshooting from afar becomes possible with Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) remote access.

With around-the-clock network monitoring, network administrators can gain remote access to devices from anywhere, to troubleshoot and resolve issues before the end-user is impacted. This is especially helpful in times when travel is restricted and customer sites need maintenance

“Martello’s technology is a facilitator of remote communication and remote problem resolution. By constantly monitoring and managing the performance of Mitel collaboration and communication services, the user has a smooth experience every time and we know the service will perform as expected, without the need to travel to a customer’s site if issues arise,” said John Collins, CTO at VOIP Networks.

4Sight Communications, a Mitel Gold Solutions Partner, saw an improvement in its remote fix rate to 98% after standardizing MPA. 4Sight has more than 800 devices under the management of MPA including MiVoice Business, MiCollab, MiContact Center, as well as servers, switches and routers.

“At 4Sight, we believe a support agreement is not an insurance policy to be claimed against in the event of a problem. We believe in preventing the problems from happening in the first place”, said Simon Turner, Managing Director of 4Sight Communications. “Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) has helped us achieve a 98% remote fix rate and service excellence”.

The promise of UC, integrated Internet-enabled chat, messaging, voice and video have always been used to bridge the gap between knowledge workers, no matter where in the world they are.

With many companies having global offices, collaboration online is an essential tool for getting the best value from your team.

“Mitel’s customers are ready to collaborate from anywhere in the world, whether on a voice call or video conference,” said Mona Abou-Sayed, Vice President of Collaboration & Applications at Mitel. “By partnering with Martello, we have given our customers additional assurance that these services will perform reliably on any network infrastructure, so that businesses remain productive under a range of different conditions.”

Martello CEO John Proctor highlights Mitel’s leadership when it comes to delivering the tools its customers need to stay competitive: “Mitel has continued to evolve its cloud collaboration and communication platform, and has recognized the importance of delivering a stellar user experience for these critical remote working tools,” said Mr. Proctor. “As businesses struggle with disruptions related to COVID-19, Mitel customers are very well positioned to facilitate remote work and ensure continued productivity.”


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