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Who’s piloting your Copilot?

June 26, 2024

Generative AI tools are being embedded in workplaces at breakneck speed to crank up efficiency and productivity. While there’s no question about AI’s potential to deliver those kinds of benefits, the ‘how’ part isn’t fully clear to a lot of businesses.

Martello Launches Industry’s First Experience Management Solution for Copilot for Microsoft 365

That puts many organizations in a precarious position. They’re typically paying premium fees for cutting-edge AI services, so there’s pressure to generate returns, but complexity and uncertainty about how best to deploy and use AI are definite obstacles. 

When it comes to Copilot for Microsoft 365 — Microsoft’s AI assistant — companies facing this “how do we get the value out” conundrum include nearly 60% of the world’s Fortune 500. And many more organizations outside that elite category have also either deployed or are considering deploying Copilot as part of their AI strategy. They’re all asking the same question: “How do we drive adoption and ROI?” 

The answer has two parts: strategy and control. 

Know your purpose 

Strategy-wise, it’s crucial for companies to be crystal-clear before deployment about what they want to use Copilot for. Enhancing Teams collaboration? Enriching data analysis in Excel? Improving communications through Word and PowerPoint? Which business units and roles in the organization need which capabilities to do their jobs faster, better and with less friction? 

Once the strategy is defined, the control piece comes into play. How do you make sure Copilot is performing optimally? The network needs to be up to the job — from end to end. Martello is the first solution provider on the market to provide user experience management for Copilot including performance monitoring, alerting and network path tracing to ensure peak Copilot performance.  

Monitoring lets you know instantly if the service is up or down and getting the right speeds.

Microsoft Teams Phone monitoring

Premium fees should deliver premium results 

Copilot of course is just one of a suite of premium services from Microsoft aimed at making organizations more productive and effective. Teams Rooms and Teams Phone are both also quickly gaining users.  

Teams Rooms are dedicated spaces equipped to host Microsoft Teams meetings and collaboration sessions, and currently number about a million worldwide. Teams Phone, which brings voice into the overall collaboration/productivity environment and gives IT a single solution to manage, has more than 20 million users and counting.

The growth of both along with Copilot makes it clear that businesses are doubling down on premium Microsoft services, which in many cases come with high-cost licenses. This amps up cost pressures: organizations need to make sure they’re getting full value for the licenses they carry. Martello Vantage DX helps here, too, with license-optimization capabilities for Teams Phone.

Happy users are key to Teams ROI 

Managing the user experience across Microsoft 365 and Teams applications — now including Copilot — helps prevent negative impacts caused by performance issues. That in turn makes users likelier to use these high-value applications to their full extent, providing return on corporate investments in advanced productivity and collaboration tools and reaping the benefits that generative AI was designed to deliver. 

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft’s AI tools with our expert guidance. Book a call with us today to learn how we can help you drive adoption and ROI for Copilot, Teams Rooms, and Teams Phone.


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