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OBJ LogoJanuary 23, 2018

We may have just had Martello Technologies’ CEO on the the program a few months ago, but in just a few short weeks the landscape at the Kanata tech firm has drastically transformed. A merger with Montreal’s Elfiq Networks and a change at the top were enough reasons to welcome new chief executive John Proctor to Techopia Live to break down the transition.

Proctor says one of the main reasons he took the job from outgoing CEO Bruce Linton was the culture he saw at Martello. It’s a “mature” team, the new chief says, steeped in Ottawa’s high-tech culture.

“I’d like to be part of that,” he told Techopia Live, adding that maintaining Martello’s culture as the company grows is integral to his role.

 And there’s significant growth in the forecast. As first heard on Techopia Live in September, the firm is looking at a potential initial public offering in 2018. Proctor says the company has a strong, stable and well-known technology, and now it’s time to take the “challenging step” of scaling up on the public markets. Making the leap from high-potential to industry leader is never a guarantee, Proctor says, but an IPO is necessary to get there.

“In Canada, we’ve got a very good history of entrepreneurship and startups. The hard phase is moving out of that, into that growth phase,” he says. “To do that, sometimes you need cash.”

Guest host and Techopia partner Chad Holliday, vice-president of product consulting with Stratford Managers, was curious about the capabilities of Martello’s own product in light of the recent Elfiq merger.

Proctor told Holliday that the bandwidth demand on telecom companies has exponentially increased with the popularity of streaming services such as Netflix. Martello’s value is in helping these firms maintain their services in light of these demands – Elfiq’s solution adds remediation and troubleshooting capabilities to Martello’s existing detection services, helping these telcos stay online.

“I wouldn’t say we’re going to be a disruptive technology. I’d say we’re an enabler of these disruptive technologies, given the bandwidth they can get at.”

To hear Proctor’s thoughts about how bandwidth demands will affect connected cities in the near future, watch the video below.

OBJ LogoJanuary 4, 2018

Blockchain and AI are a few of the emerging technologies underpinning Ottawa’s high-potential tech firms

 Martello Technologies

Kanata’s Martello Technologies wasted no time proving why 2018 will be its year. In just the first week, the fast-growing firm announced a merger with Montreal’s Elfiq Networks. But it’s only going to get bigger from there.

New CEO John Proctor confirmed what outgoing chief executive Bruce Linton hinted at last year, that Martello may seek an initial public offering in 2018. If that weren’t enough, Martello is also still looking for acquisitions – “The hunt is still on,” Proctor says.

 Martello has made waves in the Ottawa business community as a company to watch since it was founded in 2009. A child of Wesley Clover International, the firm develops software to support cloud-based communication systems, specifically focusing on Mitelcustomers. Martello has been one of OBJ’s fastest-growing firms and led Ottawa companies on the 2017 Profit 500 list of Canada’s rising stars.

The field is open for a Martello IPO to be Ottawa’s sole public offering this year. If its ambitions pan out, it could end up being the city’s biggest tech story of 2018.

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OBJ LogoJanuary 4, 2018

With ambitions of going public later this year, Martello Technologies is starting 2018 with a merger that its CEO says completes its product offerings.

Martello announced this morning that it had merged with Montreal’s Elfiq Networks. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed. While the two firms are calling the deal a merger, Elfiq will become a subsidiary of Martello.

Kanata-based Martello Technologies is one of Ottawa’s fastest-growing companies, leading local firms on last year’s Profit 500 list of Canada’s rising firms. Martello develops software to help IT professionals detect issues with enterprise communications systems, with a particular focus on serving Mitel clients.

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Teaming Martello’s network performance management solutions with Elfiq Networks’ SD-WAN technology creates unparalleled capabilities for delivering real-time services in the cloud.

Ottawa, Canada (January 4, 2018) – Martello Technologies, the provider of performance management solutions for real-time communications, announced today that it has merged with SD WAN network performance and business continuity company Elfiq Networks. As digital transformation accelerates, delivering real-time services has become more challenging with the move to the cloud. Today’s transaction creates a new market leader with solutions that manage the performance of these services on distributed cloud networks. Elfiq Networks becomes a subsidiary of Martello Technologies.

Martello has grown rapidly with software as a service (SaaS) that monitors more than 6,000 networks globally, detecting and troubleshooting network problems. By adding Elfiq Networks’ powerful SD WAN capabilities, Martello can now complete the network performance management cycle for its customers, fixing these problems with smarter bandwidth management, added flexibility and higher network responsiveness.

Together, Martello and Elfiq Networks will leverage a world class team as they advance their network performance management business. Existing leadership remains in place, bolstered by the addition of President and CEO John Proctor. Sampford Advisors acted as exclusive M&A adviser to Martello on this transaction.

“This transaction offers value for customers and shareholders”, says John Proctor, Martello’s President and CEO. “We’ll grow faster and solve our customer’s problems more effectively, and will be well positioned to accelerate market share through both organic growth and future acquisitions”.

“Together, we can position our customers for digital transformation and help them deliver a better user experience,” says Elfiq Networks President, CTO and Co-Founder Fred Parent. “This is a unique opportunity to create a market leader in this space, and I look forward to working with the entire Martello team to make it happen”

Martello’s technology addresses three high growth markets: SD WAN, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 69% (IDC)1, cloud-hosted unified communications with a CAGR of 29% (Synergy Research)2, and network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD), with a CAGR of more than 20% (Gartner)3.

About Elfiq Networks

Elfiq Networks enhances network performance and business continuity through innovative link balancing and bandwidth management technologies, delivering state-of-the art SD-WAN solutions to clients around the world. With ATLAS, end-users benefit from centralized management, zero-touch provisioning, increased visibility, simpler configurations and greater savings. For more information, visit

About Martello Technologies

Martello Technologies manages the performance of real-time services on complex distributed cloud networks. Our solutions, which include network performance management software as a service (SaaS) and SD WAN, allow over the top (OTT) service providers and enterprises around the world to deliver better service quality and a reliable user experience. Designed for real-time communications such as voice and video, Martello’s solutions detect, identify and address network performance problems BEFORE service quality is impacted.

  1. IDC’s Worldwide SD-WAN Forecast, 2017–2021.
  2. Synergy Research – UCaaS Q2 2017
  3. Gartner – February 2017 Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics.

Cloud-hosted unified communications (UC) systems can offer cost efficiencies and operational improvements, but these networks can also be increasingly complex to manage. Martello gives IT departments and service providers the path to better performance, with its MarWatch (also called Mitel Performance Analytics) SaaS that monitors and manages cloud-hosted unified communications networks around the clock. It reduces user downtime and disruption — essential for the peace-of-mind of internal and external IT teams.

During the latest Quarter, Martello introduced a new offering to prevent network performance problems before they occur. Martello UCScore is a web-based network site qualification tool designed specifically for unified communications networks. The new tool is used by technicians to test a network and predict its performance characteristics before the deployment goes live. Initial
interest has been strong, as most service providers see such automated tests as vital to the successful onboarding of new customers and the expansion of existing customer networks.
UCScore can also be integrated easily with other popular service provider tools such as Salesforce.

The Quarter also saw Martello recognized as the leading Ottawa company in the 2017 Profit Magazine PROFIT 500 ranking of the 500 best Canadian growth companies, securing 48th position. Growth will remain top of mind for the Martello management team,and we look forward to the next update.

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