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Martello powers best use of Mitel, Teams environments

July 13, 2022


Martello and Mitel, a relationship going back a decade, has been renewed for another three years. In this podcast we learn about how Martello has continued to position itself as a trusted resource for users on several platforms and stages in migration. “If you can’t make telephone calls, and now with Office 365 being dominant, you can’t send emails, that’s your productivity,” says John Proctor, CEO of Martello. Proctor argues that you need a single go to resource that can handle your issues across the network, and across the vast, remote, network hybrid working. There will be meshing of on-prem, and remote, of Mitel and Teams, a spectrum of available resources and infrastructure, and unenumerable ways that such a network might fail. Martello can pinpoint problems and deliver real time problem resolutions. Proctor points out that organizations such as a hospital might have multiple environments: on-prem, off-site, work from anywhere, all with security, privacy and stability being major mandates.  Martello can handle these diverse work landscapes. Proctor further points out that user expectations of the ready use and available communications, are generally high, even as the respective network turns up unprecedented concurrent challenges. Modern IT teams will need a partner that is ready to tackle all of these environments, together.

Martello provides the only end-to-end Microsoft Teams performance monitoring tool that Microsoft recommends to their customers to maximize employee productivity. Our solution Vantage DX proactively monitors Microsoft 365 and Teams service quality, enabling IT with complete visibility of the user experience to ease troubleshooting of issues before they impact users. Find out why Martello is Microsoft’s go-to-solution for Microsoft Office 365 Monitoring >>

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