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August 2016

MANAGING the performance of almost 10,000 devices now, MarWatch Software-as-a-Service from Wesley Clover company Martello Technologies is a value added fault monitoring and detection application for Mitel Enterprise products, and it is becoming a ‘must have’ for customers. Since the toolset was bundled into the Premium Software Assurance offering last year, clients say Mitel Performance Analytics (the proprietary brand for the solution) is now the reason they purchase the upgraded tier of coverage.

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Network fault & performance management SaaS startup honoured as PROFIT and Canadian Business release list of Canada’s Top New Growth Companies

Ottawa, Canada (September 15, 2016) – Canadian Business and PROFIT today ranked Martello Technologies No. 31 on the Startup 50 ranking of Canada’s Top New Growth Companies. Published in the October issue of Canadian Business and at, the Startup 50 ranks young Canadian businesses on the basis of their percentage two-year revenue growth.

Martello Technologies made the 2016 Startup 50 list with two-year revenue growth of 298%.

“These young companies promise to transform Canada’s economy through innovation and determination,” says James Cowan, Editor-in-chief of PROFIT and Canadian Business. “Their stories of early success are truly inspiring.”

“We’re thrilled to see Martello recognized in the Startup 50 ranking alongside other growing firms across the country,” says CEO Bruce Linton. “As part of a hi-tech innovation cluster here in Ottawa, we know that Canada is a leader when it comes to innovation. This ranking shines a spotlight on the many firms driving economic growth, and top notch teams like ours with some of Canada’s brightest talents. ”

Many of the biggest names in software-as-a-service (SaaS) innovation are Canadian, and Martello is making its mark with its fault & performance management SaaS for business communications networks. Deployed in more than 20 countries around the world, Martello’s software is changing the way telecom resellers and cloud-hosted voice service providers deliver service quality to their customers. Monitoring, alerting and managing voice quality and other performance metrics, Martello’s solution offers a more proactive service delivery model, one that’s been deployed in more than 5,000 networks globally to date.

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The Ottawa Citizen logoJuly 9, 2016
Location’s one of the first things Bruce Linton considered when he launched Martello Technologies, a software-as-a-service(SaaS) company that develops and manages cloud-based communications systems. He put Martello in an office right on the path between the Mitel Tower and the campus cafeteria. Then he mounted a monitor outside his company offices with a sports ticker, a trivia-and-technology roll, and Martello news bites.
Mitel employees, a fertile source of recruitment, headed for lunch couldn’t help but pause and, when they read the latest news on hoverboards, a Martello release came right on its heels.
“You want frequency of touch or frequency of visibility to be high, not an annual event,” Linton said. “So in Kanata North you can actually get that location, location, location to your targeted partner pretty dialed in.”

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May 2016
Innovative solutions that solve customer problems — that is what is powering the successful partnership between Mitel and Martello Technologies. Mitel leads the industry in real-time business, cloud and mobile communications. Martello MarWatch software keeps that technology performing reliably. MarWatch software-as-a-service (SaaS) monitors and manages the performance of increasingly complex business communications networks, with a special focus on voice quality for Mitel solutions.

During the most recent quarter, Mitel introduced a new offering to their channels and customers based exclusively around MarWatch, calling it Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA). Demand for the Martello software, which has now been deployed in more than 2,000 networks in 20 countries around the world, has already led the company to triple digit revenue growth. This heightened Mitel focus should only add to that growth going forward.

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The Ottawa Citizen logoMay 31, 2016

Back in the day — which was really not so long ago, but an age in technology terms — big and small companies spent fortunes on telephone technologies and expensive hardware to run them. Then arrived Internet technologies, which could do all the work of that expensive hardware — voicemail, call recording, call-centre management, video conferencing — for a fraction of the cost.

Based on a subscription model, online services had the added advantage of no-risk investment. If the technologies changed, the customer wasn’t stuck with costly, obsolete hardware. Martello Technologies develops and manages those online services, ensuring they work and work well. If they don’t, they fix them. The point has been to make the services so reliable that clients like banks, and their customers, can trust them.

The industry has caught fire over the last three years and Martello, which had developed technologies early in the game, was poised to ride the wave. Its sales grew over 600 per cent in four years, from $230,000 in 2012 to $3.6 million last year. The firm went from a couple of hundred to several thousand business networks over the same period. Each pays annual fees for Martello’s services.

“Our skill set is aligned with making highly reliable, very robust services in voice, which is what Kanata North did for phone companies — meaning data communications companies — around the globe,” says Martello CEO Bruce Linton. “This sector’s taken off.”

Based largely on its rich history in the fields of research, technology and innovation, Kanata North remains a magnet for tech firms, says Linton.

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