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CASE STUDY: Leiden University Medical Center

June 21, 2019

Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), located in Leiden, Netherlands, is the university hospital affiliated with Leiden University. Its unique research practice, including fundamental medical research and applied clinical research, places LUMC among the top institutions of its kind in the world. Offering patient care and education in line with the latest international insights and standards they needed a solution that would continue to enable them to continue to create unique possibilities for medical innovation in Leiden and the surrounding area. Martello’s single pane of glass solution for healthcare has helped this institution gain better visibility over its entire network.

The Challenge

Cloud computing has changed the way applications and services are delivered and has transformed many businesses from private to hybrid cloud environments. Datacenters and networks are no longer easily controlled, and it can be challenging to deliver reliable service quality in hybrid cloud environments that mix public and private components. Martello is helping organizations like LUMC solve this problem.

The Solution

Martello’s Vantage DX analytics software integrates with the industry’s most common IT monitoring and service management tools, as well as cloud-based services like Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, to deliver a range of performance data and analytics from a single dashboard.

“Leiden University Medical Center has depended on Martello’s solutions to deliver insight and reliability for our mission-critical IT infrastructure for close to ten years. Over this period, Martello’s solutions have grown with us and helped us manage our hybrid cloud environment more effectively,” said Willem Bouwman, IT Specialist, SQL Database and SCOM Monitoring in the Information Technology and Digital Innovation department of Leiden University Medical Center. “Most recently, we’ve again expanded our relationship with Martello to gain better control of our Office 365 service delivery.”

LUMC has integrated several IT monitoring and management tools into its iQ dashboard, including SCOM, TOPDesk, SolarWinds and Zabbix, and recently brought its Microsoft 365 deployment onto this system, for a single view of all relevant performance data in its IT hybrid cloud infrastructure.

“Leiden University Medical Center is both innovative and proactive when it comes to managing its IT infrastructure, a critical asset for the organization,” said Stefanie Richheimer, Chief Revenue Officer of Martello Technologies. “Never satisfied with the status quo, LUMC is always looking to improve service delivery for its users, and we’re pleased to work with them to provide solutions.”

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