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Microsoft Services Challenges within a Hybrid Workplace

With the increase of cloud application usage and hybrid (office and remote) workers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are critical when it comes to delivering Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams services to enterprise end users. Therefore, the ability to determine whether Microsoft Teams or Microsoft 365 performance issues are related to ISP services is key to streamlining support efforts and ensuring end user satisfaction.

Is your Microsoft 365 Issue Coming from your ISP?

Every remote user currently has their own ISP, and traditional network tools fall short when it comes to managing the quality of internet service delivered by these providers. Microsoft gathers data through their Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) but the inability to group users by ISP or receive alerts provides limited benefit for monitoring purposes.

Ensure ISP Performance for Better Microsoft 365 User Experience

Martello Vantage DX provides comprehensive monitoring of ISP performance – whether they deliver the service for your critical locations or for your remote users.

In each critical location Vantage DX is continuously testing the route to Microsoft’s Global Network to determine if unexpected latency is coming from your ISP.

If an issue is detected, you can then quickly assess its impact on your Microsoft 365 & Teams service quality thanks to our 24/7 proactive monitoring.

With this data in your end, it will be easy to contact your ISP to explain your problem.

For remote users, Martello Vantage groups Microsoft Call Quality Data, by user and ISP to provide a clear view of the overall performance of Microsoft Teams voice service for each provider.

This enables IT to create custom alerts based on the percentage of bad calls for a specific ISP. If an ISP is delivering a high ratio of bad calls, the support can then confirm the issue by quickly running a network path monitoring probe on a affected users and vizualize directly the latency coming from that particular ISP.

Once again, with this data in hand, it is now easy for your team to contact the ISP to improve the situation. All your ISP service alerts can be directly synchronized with your ITSM tools and processes. This means that you can gather all the data in one dashboard to determine precisely where the problem is and who owns it.

You are now in full control of the performance of the service delivered by your ISP.

The Results

Correlate ISP network tests with alerts for voice quality degradation

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Define and manage an ISP’s voice quality SLA

Get actionable data to negotiate with ISPs

Determine an ISP’s impact on overall Microsoft Teams service quality for your business lines



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Maintain your current workflow and minimize any service interruptions with Martello Vantage DX.

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