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Essential KPIs for Microsoft Teams Rooms Management

Essential KPIs for Microsoft Teams Rooms Management
September 8, 2023

As a C-level executive, adding business value through your IT investments is vital to your organization’s success. While measuring KPIs for any given digital initiative is key, tracking qualitative metrics for collaborative platforms like Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTRs) is truly important to measuring success. The success of any given effort hinges on how well it serves users, and something any good leader understands is the importance of a satisfied workforce.

The key to unlocking the full potential of MTRs lies not just in implementing the technology, but in monitoring its effectiveness through relevant qualitative KPIs. These KPIs focus on cultural adoption and satisfaction and provide a snapshot of how well your MTR investment is working with the people in your organization. The same people, in fact, who drive it forward. Let’s dive a little deeper to explain more.

Cultural Adoption

Essential KPIs for Microsoft Teams Rooms Management

We’ll start with a big one. It’s a metric that’s so wide-reaching that it would be impossible to track in a single value. But you’ll know the culture of your own business innately. It might be hard to define, but you can certainly ‘feel’ when it’s off. When we’re talking about MTRs, cultural adoption refers to how well your organization embraces them. Do you have certain teams or offices that hate using them? Or conversely, do particular departments swear by them and champion them to others?

One clear sign of successful cultural adoption is when employees opt for MTRs over traditional methods of communication and collaboration. That means rather than hopping on their email to rally a team or tackle a problem, they organize a meeting using an MTR so everyone, whether they’re in the office, or working remotely, can join for the same experience.

Again, these metrics are hard to narrow down, but pay attention to the number of employees who voluntarily recommend or promote the use of MTRs within your organization. Those champions are key in wider adoption and you should be vocal about your support for their approach. At least you should if you want your MTR strategy to be a success.

Meeting Experience and Satisfaction with Microsoft Teams Rooms Management

Essential KPIs for Microsoft Teams Rooms Management

The meeting experience, although subjective, significantly impacts the value each user draws from their use of MTRs. It hinges on whether MTRs provide an equitable, consistent, and seamless experience to all users. A key element to consider here is call clarity, in both audio and video quality.

If you want to tap into how well users think the MTRs are performing, send out surveys or quickly grab people after meetings to get their take. You’ll start to spot trends pretty quickly if the quality they’re looking for isn’t being delivered.

But, it’s not just how well it works, it’s also how quickly it gets back to acceptable performance when there is a problem. Clearly that’s the responsibility of your IT teams, but that means it’s also your responsibility. The better the MTRs work, the more people will use them. The more people use them, the more other people will start to adopt them, and that’s how you build a culture of Teams usage.

Underpinning that adoption is being able to monitor how well your Microsoft Teams Rooms are performing. How do you do that? Vantage DX from Martello. It provides the visibility and analytics you need to track MTR call quality and usage across your entire organization.

Understanding qualitative KPIs and using them to inform your MTR strategy can help you demonstrate the value of this digital investment to your leadership team. A high adoption rate coupled with positive call satisfaction are surefire signs that your MTRs are enhancing productivity, fostering collaboration, and driving digital transformation in your organization.

Want to find out more about getting the most out of your Microsoft Teams Rooms? Download our latest whitepaper: A CIO’s Guide to Demonstrating ROI for Digital Initiatives: Microsoft Teams Rooms.


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