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Mitel powers more than 2 billion business connections every day and is a leader in the unified communications industry. Having grown their corporate network from 1,400 to 5,000 users, network management was a challenge for Mitel’s regional network and voice teams. They chose to standardize on the fault and performance management software they recommend to their customers – MarWatch. The SaaS ensures they can monitor the performance of their entire network including third-party and proprietary devices, detecting problems and alerting admins before users experience a voice quality disruption or downtime.

MarWatch Success Story: Mitel

Identifying the cause of a voice quality issue is exceedingly difficult in today’s complex business communications networks. From routers to switches and session border controllers, there are many multi-vendor systems in the network infrastructure, any of which can be misconfigured or failing – impacting VoIP systems. ZK ResearchIt’s no surprise then, that finding the source of a voice quality problem can be like looking for a veritable needle in a haystack for IT professionals, channel partners or service providers trying to isolate and then identify where a specific issue lies. Often, issues are only flagged after they begin to impact the end user but by then the root of the problem could have gone unidentified for days or weeks.

Pomperaug Regional School District, located in North Eastern USA, is comprised of 7 schools. They had invested in the Mitel MiVoice Business system but were facing persistent voice quality problems. Users experienced echo and consistently choppy audio. Pomperaug’s channel partner, Total Communications, had made repeated attempts over a six month period to try and replicate or isolate the problem but had been unable to find the root cause.

Voice quality can be impacted by many different variables and in complex networks just the time it takes to isolate the issue can consume valuable resources. PomeraugFortunately, Pomperaug Regional School District had invested in Mitel’s Premium Software Assurance subscription, which includes access to the MarWatch fault and performance management software-as-a-service. With MarWatch, Total Communications was able to simplify their troubleshooting process. The detailed voice quality reports pinpoint exactly where issues lie, eliminating the laborious and excessive use of resources to locate the issue. Using MarWatch, they were able to immediately identify that their voice quality issues were caused by a faulty switch. Now, any voice quality problems are quickly detected and are often resolved before the user experience is impacted.

Networks are increasingly complex and users need to have clear visibility across both public and private components – leaving no gaps in performance monitoring. Voice quality issues are difficult to isolate on unmonitored networks and pinpointing the exact source of the problem is time consuming and costly. Only comprehensive monitoring quickly detects, diagnoses and resolves network performance problems.

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Every tech start-up has its own culture – that set of values that fit the company and its employees. Rapid growth means success for SaaS start-ups – but is it possible to maintain the culture that attracted the people on your team in the first place? At Martello we want to rise to that challenge and believe that it is both worthwhile and possible.

Startups on the road to success face plenty of bumps along the way. However, a great team with a strong culture can overcome them and become better. That’s why it’s important to instill your company culture and take every opportunity to strengthen and nurture it.

Communication is a common challenge for companies of all sizes – but is particularly critical for companies experiencing rapid growth. Growing pains can impact communications and shift a company’s culture. A team of 2 can communicate easily – but when you add 5, 10 or 20 to the team, all with different functions or in different locations, the challenge grows to keep everyone rowing in the same direction.

Having experienced triple digit revenue growth, Martello faces these issues too – particularly with a global workforce. We’re always reviewing and improving the way we communicate – from the tools we use, to how we document processes, to issuing regular updates. Through every aspect of our business, we know that our team is the key to our success. That’s why we strive to maintain our uniquely Martello culture as we grow – based on respect, a strong sense of community, and a thirst to tackle new challenges.

Martello recently participated in the Employees’ Choice Awards (ECA) program, which honors companies within the National Capital Region (NCR) that recognize employees as their greatest asset. We’re proud to have been selected as a winner of this award, which is based on a survey of our Ottawa employees.

We asked a few ‘Martellians’ to tell us what makes this a great place to work, here is what they had to say :

An organization that calls its customers ‘Owners’ is sure to prioritize customer service. Libro Credit Union has 70 years of history serving the families, farms and LibroCreditUnion_colourenterprises of southwestern Ontario, Canada. Libro serves its customers in 31 branches, by phone or online. Reliable, high quality voice communication is important to Libro. After investing in a Mitel MiVoice Business solution, Libro invested in MarWatch fault and performance management software. It’s a solution that’s paid off – with network problems resolved before they can negatively impact service quality.

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Service quality matters for cloud-hosted unified communications. In a competitive subscription-based environment, churn is a challenge – and service quality can be the differentiator that keeps customers ‘sticky’ to the provider. But what’s the best path to deliver it? Consider these 3 Keys to UC Service Quality:

Check out the Monitor ANY SNMP Device with MarWatch video.

Taking a proactive approach to service quality means detecting problems at an early stage. That’s why MarWatch monitors devices on a 24/7 basis according to customizable performance thresholds. Alerts are sent in real-time as a problem is detected, setting in motion the problem-to-resolution cycle.

Monitoring Mitel voice quality tells you WHEN there’s a problem. Monitoring the surrounding network tells you WHERE. That’s because most voice quality problems are caused by events occurring elsewhere in the network MarWatch5.1_SNMPDeviceMonitoringcroppedinfrastructure (for example, a router problem).
Pinpointing the source of a problem is time consuming and challenging. MarWatch R5.1 adds functionality that makes this easier – configurable SNMP device monitoring. Check out the Monitor ANY SNMP Device video to see how.

To prevent problems from recurring, you need to know WHY they’ve happened. Testing tools in MarWatch, like remote IP set test added in R5.1, not only help identify the source of a problem, but also offer insight into why it occurred. Monitoring the entire network helps identify trends and activity that can help with capacity planning. For example, the trunk utilization data in MarWatch will tell you what your current usage is, so you won’t be surprised by over capacity.

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