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Insurance Policy for Microsoft Teams

A Microsoft Teams Insurance Policy Is More Than Just A 'Nice To Have'
December 1, 2022

Like any piece of tech, sometimes things can go wrong on a Microsoft Teams call. But, as a business, you want to maintain productivity at all times, through a positive user experience, that isn’t impacted by drops in service. Having coverage when it comes to Teams might seem like a ‘nice to have’ but it’s actually a lot more than that when it comes to Microsoft Teams quality of service. You wouldn’t skip insurance, after all.

Paying for something that might never happen is always a bitter pill to swallow. But, let’s face it, you have a lot more problems with Microsoft Teams – a lot more than you’d like to. Not because of Microsoft, but because of how many factors impact Teams’ service quality. Having protection in place for your internal and external communications platform just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Microsoft Teams Is Everywhere – Guarantee Microsoft Teams Quality of Service

Teams is a hugely important investment to hundreds of thousands of companies across the globe. It has become so integral in the operations of companies that it has now, in many circles, become its own business process. Once a platform reaches that sort of status, it’s clear that without it, a business is going to feel a serious impact. It’s not just the financial investment in Teams that businesses want to see a return on, it’s the dedication of time and expertise to make it work that they want to see pay off.

In any other area of a business, a big investment, with a big impact, would be tied to some kind of insurance against damage or disaster. That could be in the assets your business holds, or the people you’re responsible for – you’d cover everything. But, time and time again, we see businesses not putting in place some kind of insurance when it comes to their Microsoft Teams setup. To put it bluntly, if Teams goes down, there’s a good chance your business can’t operate – definitely not at scale. It’s likely your primary method of internal communication, as well as how you host customer and supplier meetings.

Teams issues can come from a whole range of sources including, most commonly, external service providers. Determining who is responsible as fast as possible is the key to reducing negative business impact. Your IT team needs to be covered in case there are issues and show the business that their investment is protected in the best possible way.

And this is where monitoring and reporting on service quality come into play. Martello ensures your investment always returns maximum value.

The Difference Maker for Microsoft Teams Quality of Service

Let’s be clear, we’re not talking about an actual insurance policy to cover the costs incurred with a downed Teams setup. We’re talking about a software solution that will help improve service quality and uptime. So rather than scrambling to fix things, your IT teams can be proactive and build a more robust Teams infrastructure throughout your organization.

Monitoring Teams helps your IT people to detect and solve service issues while limiting the impact on business and revenue. The moment a problem pops up, your IT teams are able to spot the root cause of issues and get them fixed as quickly as possible. On top of that, they can use historical data to gain insight into common issues and resolve them permanently to provide better Teams service quality on average across the whole organization. That means your IT teams can always demonstrate that your communication platform is under control and that their asset is returning the best value possible.

We’ll leave you with a final thought. Your Teams setup is now so ingrained in your business that it virtually connects every single one of your stakeholders in some way. Not just that, it’s integrated to at least some extent, with almost every part of your network as well as your physical devices. There’s no getting away from the fact you’ve invested a lot into it, and that it now needs to pay. If it’s not working properly because of network or service provider issues, or worse, down completely, it’s not just going to stop paying back your investment, it can do real damage to your business.

Pick Martello Vantage DX and ensure Teams is always at its best. Speak to Martello today.


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