Hours of training and sacrifice. Adversity overcome. The excitement of this summer’s Olympics in Rio is contagious and has most of us glued to our TVs, laptops, tablets or phones. However, while we might think of Olympic watching as a leisure activity, it has an impact on businesses – in particular, on corporate networks. Rio 2016It’s causing a sharp increase in bandwidth usage as employees stream their favourite events while they go about their tasks. This strain can result in problems for voice networks sharing the IT infrastructure. That’s why businesses should take steps to ensure their network can handle these high volume periods, and that problems can be detected and fixed before voice communications suffer.

By its conclusion, it’s expected that more than 6,700 hours of coverage will have been streamed from the 2016 summer games in Rio.  Streaming is a heavy draw on bandwidth, typically using 5-7 megabits per second, and most business networks are only set up for intermittent streaming. Multiple users simultaneously streaming Olympic events, along with typical business activities like email, voice calls and web browsing can spell disaster for your voice network.

Rio 2016

It’s Not Really About the Olympics

The Olympics are just one use case for preventive measures when it comes to performance of your network. The reality is that every business has its high volume periods – for retail, it’s the holidays, for schools, the first week of September. Your network should be designed to handle peak volume without sacrificing voice quality. One way to anticipate and mitigate problems stemming from bandwidth congestion is to monitor usage and performance.

Get a Handle on Usage and Performance

Mitel users have an easy path to manage performance under high volume conditions. Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA), available with a Premium Software Assurance subscription, monitors the routers, servers and switches in the IT infrastructure – in addition to your Mitel gear. It alerts you to problems at an early stage – so you can take corrective action before users experience voice quality problems or downtime. It also gives you visibility into call volume and usage – making overall capacity planning more accurate.

Volume spikes don’t have to be a strain on voice networks. With the right tools to manage usage and performance, you’ll be ready for the 2018 PyeongChang games and whatever else might be coming next.



Asset 1The move to cloud-hosted solutions presents many challenges in today’s global unified communication industry. Telecom resellers are pressured to deliver reliable services on a 24/7/365 basis, while network complexity becomes even greater. This complexity has made it more difficult and costly for resellers to maintain UC service quality for their customers. Many resellers are facing the challenge of monitoring their customers’ network in the dark.

Sunco Communication and Installation Ltd, a Mitel reseller and full-service telecom company provides Mitel telephone systems, support service and cabling to businesses in Alberta, Canada. Prior to implementing a fault & performance management solution, they wouldn’t know when there was a network problem until their customers called to complain. Sunco Communication understands the importance of providing reliable service quality – for that, they needed a solution to prevent downtime and the subsequent loss of revenue, drain on resources and countless frustrations. Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) rises to this challenge by shining a light into the network – leading you to the problem.

Asset 4
Sunco Communication chose Mitel’s fault and performance monitoring software to ensure their network is running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Mitel Performance Analytics is the solution Sunco needed – not only are network issues quickly resolved, but they can also be prevented from occurring again. Fault & performance managements saves money, time and resources used during the troubleshooting process. Using Mitel Performance Analytics, Sunco can quickly identify when a performance problem “is not us”, but is caused by an event in the customer’s network. In fact, most voice quality problems are not related to the performance of Mitel systems – but are often caused by high latency, improper network configuration, ISP issues, poorly configured routers or insufficient bandwidth.

Sunco Communication sees value in using MPA to help them avoid costs associated with downtime and identify the source of network problem to ensure they provide sufficient UC service quality for their customers. Sunco Communication has confidence that Mitel Performance Analytics will help their customers stay connected.

Today’s IT departments face a laundry list of challenges as they manage increasingly complex network communication systems. In a complicated labyrinth of servers, switches, routers and firewalls, many network managers can feel that they are working in the dark – scrambling to fix issues and trying to pinpoint and then resolve problems. Using a fault and performance management tool like Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA), network managers get around the clock monitoring of their Mitel systems and the surrounding network infrastructure. Some of the top network management challenges facing IT departments are easily addressed with MPA’s fault and performance monitoring capabilities.

Be A Service Quality ‘Superhero’

Users increasingly expect reliability and demand exceptional service quality. Firefighting network issues identified by dissatisfied end users eats into valuable IT resources and leaves your team scrambling to resolve problems which may have gone unidentified for days or weeks. Using a tool like MPA ensures you can proactively detect and address service quality problems BEFORE the end user is impacted, giving your IT department the gold star it deserves as they are able to quickly pinpoint and resolve issues or even avert them all together.

 Dive In To Resolve Issues From a Distance

Managing and supporting a large unified communication network that includes many remote offices is like keeping your eye on hundreds of complicated, moving parts. Between multi-vendor routers, firewalls, switches, servers and multiple ISPs, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Problems crop up – when it does, troubleshooting the issue is frustrating, time consuming and can often involve sending in a team to work on-site – skyrocketing your costs to resolve the issue.

Monitoring with MPA generates alarms that warn of any impending network issues and are delivered directly to your device of choice, reducing your problem-to-resolution time and averting potential network downtime.  An alert comes in? No problem, with secure remote access, your team can quickly troubleshoot and resolve the issue, eliminating the need for costly onsite repairs. You keep your department costs in check while delivering exceptional service quality – it’s win, win.

Put Your Feet Up With Advanced Operation Capabilities

We’ve all had to do it, a network update is required or a new device needs to be added – your IT department laboriously goes through making the changes not only to headquarters but also your remote offices – it’s a time consuming effort and can be both error prone and resource intensive. MPA eases the management of large, multi-node networks with scheduled or on-demand operations like backups and SMDR collection. Whether you’re scheduling operations for one or one hundred devices, MPA makes it simple. Provisioning of many devices for monitoring by MPA is similarly simple, with device discovery. MPA scans the network for new devices which speeds the initial set-up process.  Configuring new devices in bulk is easy and ensures more efficient provisioning.

Large scale network management has many challenges – today’s IT departments face tight budgets and increased user demands. Using a fault and performance management tool like MPA eases these pressures, delivering an improved end user experience and giving IT professionals the tools to manage networks from a proactive position instead of reactive.

Mitel Performance Analytics Infographic

Voice Quality IssuesGetting to the Root of Voice Quality Issues – The Answer is in the BIG Picture
A call comes in, and a frustrated end user is complaining of persistent echo on their line and threatening to move their business to another provider. Instantly, panic sets in as the IT team scrambles to find the source of the issue and cobble together a way to replicate and test the problem that could have been going on for days or weeks.

As administrators deal with voice quality issues, they are often reacting to problems that have already been identified by end users instead of proactively managing the network. Using a fault & performance management software like MarWatch or Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA), not only can you easily troubleshoot and resolve voice quality issues remotely, you can also take steps to prevent these problems from impacting your users in the first place.

Active Testing Tools
When using a fault & performance management tool like MarWatch or MPA, testing tools like Ping, Traceroute, iftop, MTR and DNS Lookup include raw data that will easily identify where the problem occurred. Latency is often tested using a ping test and jitter is measured by doing a traceroute test. Ping and traceroute tools also include response time for even better insight into latency and congestion problems. When some packets take too long to arrive, there is no established queue so the missing or late packets will simply be dropped from the conversation, resulting in choppy audio. Active testing tools include a voice quality graph that shows quality ratings by call which can then be broken down further to calls per hour, day, week or month. Detailed data points on the voice quality graph will bring you to additional data that includes the R-factor value, IP source, IP destination, the codec being used as well as any delay, jitter or packet loss per call.

Libro Credit Union Voice Quality

Libro Credit Union – Voice Quality is Key to Exceptional Customer Service
For Libro Credit Union, delivering impeccable customer service and reliable, high-quality voice communication is critical to their success in a crowded and competitive field. Leaving nothing to chance, they paired a Mitel MiVoice Business solution with the MarWatch fault and performance management software allowing them to identify voice quality issues before they impact their customers. Now, Libro is able to access detailed data on voice quality so that they can quickly and efficiently identify the source of a problem making it easy for them to find and fix problems on the network.

Read the Libro success story.

More and more organizations are moving to the cloud, and this shift presents new challenges for support partners. As network complexity grows, delivering reliable performance is more difficult. To deliver the industry’s best service quality organizations need to know what is happening on the network but the Find and Fix Network Problemschallenge for IT administrators and service providers is to find and fix problems on the network. Quickly pinpointing issues and troubleshooting voice quality problems is time consuming and costly – fortunately, Mitel partners have a network management solution that provides deep visibility into both the Mitel and multi-vendor components of the network.

Every day, your business communications network produces valuable data that can help you deliver better performance to users.  Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) monitors your network and gathers data while providing the tools organizations need to proactively detect and address issues.  As your organization uses MPA, it builds a repository of data and information about your network and turns this data into a valuable asset for your business.

Analytics: from Reactive to Proactive

As you monitor your network, you collect data that in turn provides a clear picture of network functionality.  The only way to deliver consistently high service quality is by monitoring the whole network. Analytics takes the ‘guesswork’ out of network management because you:

  • Know when there’s a problem
  • Can find the source of the problem
  • Fix problems before they affect the user
  • Know how services are being used
  • Know actual and perceived quality of service

If you are monitoring for voice quality you are only seeing a small part of the bigger picture. When you combine network AND unified communications management you are able to ensure complete fault & performance management of Mitel solutions and the surrounding infrastructure. With analytics you change your behavior from reactive to proactive.

Infographic: Better Data, Better Decisions – See Mitel’s infographic on why the cloud is making service quality management a strategic requirement.

Video: Analytics in Action
See how Analytics transforms performance data into a business asset.