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Get the Ultimate Microsoft Teams Performance Guide

Microsoft Teams performance

Many organizations around the globe who have moved to Microsoft Teams over the past few years have done so in an accelerated fashion, and under considerable duress and not always mindful of Microsoft Teams performance.

Now that the dust has settled, these same organizations are faced with the challenge of taking advantage of every aspect of Microsoft Teams – including Voice Calling.

To their credit, Microsoft has put a lot of effort and resources into building a robust, highly available, highly durable platform that will support its users. But we also know that there are always challenges and potential performance issues affecting user’s experience with Teams. While even Microsoft is susceptible to issues, if and when users are having service quality challenges with Teams calls, it’s unlikely it has much to do with Microsoft.

The reality is there many Teams metrics to measure – and how can you be sure that you are paying attention to the right ones?

Our ‘Ultimate Microsoft Teams Performance Guid’e was our most popular download in 2021. Well, it’s back and better than ever as we have updated and enhanced it for 2022.

This is your definitive guide to the top Microsoft Teams metrics you need to be measuring to provide an exceptional user experience before, during and after a deployment. The Guide walks through the significance of these metrics, the optimal thresholds, Microsoft’s recommendations, and the best way to interpret and leverage the data for the best possible Teams user experience

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Top 8 metrics to assess your Microsoft Teams performance
  • Microsoft’s recommended results
  • Best practices for the use of the metrics

Interested in seeing more? Get your copy today.

Get in touch today to book a demo!


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