More and more organizations are moving to the cloud, and this shift presents new challenges for support partners. As network complexity grows, delivering reliable performance is more difficult. To deliver the industry’s best service quality organizations need to know what is happening on the network but the Find and Fix Network Problemschallenge for IT administrators and service providers is to find and fix problems on the network. Quickly pinpointing issues and troubleshooting voice quality problems is time consuming and costly – fortunately, Mitel partners have a network management solution that provides deep visibility into both the Mitel and multi-vendor components of the network.

Every day, your business communications network produces valuable data that can help you deliver better performance to users.  Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) monitors your network and gathers data while providing the tools organizations need to proactively detect and address issues.  As your organization uses MPA, it builds a repository of data and information about your network and turns this data into a valuable asset for your business.

Analytics: from Reactive to Proactive

As you monitor your network, you collect data that in turn provides a clear picture of network functionality.  The only way to deliver consistently high service quality is by monitoring the whole network. Analytics takes the ‘guesswork’ out of network management because you:

  • Know when there’s a problem
  • Can find the source of the problem
  • Fix problems before they affect the user
  • Know how services are being used
  • Know actual and perceived quality of service

If you are monitoring for voice quality you are only seeing a small part of the bigger picture. When you combine network AND unified communications management you are able to ensure complete fault & performance management of Mitel solutions and the surrounding infrastructure. With analytics you change your behavior from reactive to proactive.

Infographic: Better Data, Better Decisions – See Mitel’s infographic on why the cloud is making service quality management a strategic requirement.

Video: Analytics in Action
See how Analytics transforms performance data into a business asset.

At Martello we were proud to open our doors for Karen McCrimmon, MP for Kanata-Carleton who was announcing on behalf of the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development that Martello had received $750,000 in funding from the Canadian government. Martello received the funding through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario)  Investing in Business Innovation (IBI) Anniversary Post Word Cloudinitiative which provides support to help business grow and prosper with mentorship opportunities and financing.  The goal of the initiative is to support Ontario start-ups as they create competitive, leading-edge products and help them expand their global footprint. Entrepreneurs and high-growth businesses are critical to the success of southern Ontario and the intent of the IBI initiative is to foster a more competitive economy. For Martello, receiving support through funding initiatives like IBI increases the potential to thrive and helps develop partnerships with business and investors that will drive us to become market leaders.

With the Martello offices located in the heart of Kanata-North, we have access to an exceptional pool of skilled and talented employees. At Martello in the past few years we have worked hard and experienced huge growth. Starting with less than 10 employees and pegged as a ‘start-up to watch’, we now have over 2,000 deployments of our MarWatch software-as-a-service (Saas). We’ve tripled our Kanata office footprint to accommodate the growth, and together with offices in France and the US, we now employ close to 30 employees.  With this injection of funds from FedDev Ontario we’re scaling up, hiring employees with a highly technical skill set – with a focus on skilled Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) jobs. In fact, we’ve already created seven new positions as a result of the IBI funding.

Anniversary Post Word CloudGoing global is critical to our successful growth. By accelerating the development of our SaaS, this investment also allows us to expand our reach into new global markets. We are currently working in 20 countries around the globe and the funding from FedDev Ontario has had a direct impact on the expansion of our current export markets.  Because of the support that we have received from the Canadian government we are seeing traction in countries we had previously not done business with including Israel, Brazil and Singapore.

To remain competitive as a SaaS start-up, you need to deliver innovative products that solve a problem and you can only do that by hiring the best.  Funding initiatives from the Canadian government, like the IBI, mean that we can continue to create skilled jobs while providing best-in-class products that allow us to expand into new markets.  At Martello we will work hard to continue the momentum, believing in our exceptional team of world class talent and our growth potential as we continue expansion into new global markets.


Martello Technologies was founded in April of 2009 so these first signs of spring in Ottawa are always an important time for us to pause and reflect. 2015 was a big year at Martello, seeing us not only gain traction within our community as a company to watch but it also saw us continue to take our best-in-class products to the next level. It has been a year of validation not just for Martello but it has also confirmed that Ottawa and the larger technology community is a growing, thriving place to do business.

Next Level Products, Introducing MarWatch 5.0 and 5.1Anniversary Post Word Cloud
This year we launched our next generation MarWatch platform – a true reflection of the shift in our industry to cloud-hosted solutions. Responsive, flexible and designed to scale quickly for multiple users; it is also now available to service providers as part of Mitel’s MiCloud Business offering. The November release of MarWatch 5.1 added the ability to monitor any device using SNMP and SSH protocols, expanded our Mitel device support to include MiVoice MX-ONE as well as adding incremental functionality to the overall platform. Our customers also continued to find success with our fault and performance management capabilities and we were excited to share the success stories of Libro Credit Union, Angels the Costumiers and CMC Technologies who have all improved their Unified Communications (UC) service quality using Martello technology.

Here We Grow Again
Managing growth is always a challenge in any company and picking the right time and the right place to grow is critical. As we continue to expand Martello, we are hiring the best of the best and 2015 saw us triple our footprint with a vibrant new office space. This past year saw Martello shareholders expand our Board of Directors, solidifying a high-caliber team of business leaders chaired by tech industry leader Terry Matthews.

Well Shucks, You Shouldn’t Have
We hit many milestones this past year at Martello and we were once again excited to gain recognition within our community. In early 2015 we were named Ottawa’s Fastest Growing Company with three-year revenue growth of more than 600% and we were seen as leader of the pack driving SaaS innovation in Ottawa. In December we were honoured to win a ‘Best in Business’ BOB award, another validation of the hard work we are doing here at Martello. The cherry on top of this past year though was Martello being recognized by the Employees’ Choice Awards (ECA) program, which honors companies that recognize employees as their greatest asset.

The Road Ahead…What’s Next for Martello
So what’s next for Martello? Global expansion is on our horizon and every month sees us adding to our global family of companies we are proud to call customers. Mitel’s acquisition of Aastra has expanded our global footprint into countries like Brazil, Israel and Italy, as our software now supports the MX-ONE call control platform. Spring marks the launch of Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA), a solution based on our MarWatch software that replaces the former Enterprise Manager, designed to simplify fault and performance management of Mitel business communications solutions.

Looking back on the past year, it is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of milestones met and the recognition we received. We continue to believe that our unique technology offering paired with our established reputation allows us to drive growth and continually expand and diversify our offering. At Martello, we continually strive to do better – for our employees, for our shareholders and for our customers. What will the rest of 2016 bring? Stay tuned to find out!


The Kanata North Business Association recently commissioned a comprehensive study to analyze the impact of the tech sector on the country’s economy. When the study was completed, the magnitude and breadth of Kanata North’s financial contribution was clear – offering substantive proof of the success of this robust and unique environment that continues to draw savvy entrepreneurs, industry leaders and highly-qualified employees to the area.

The findings in the report were interesting but at Martello we weren’t surprised. We already knew what a dynamic and super-charged place this is to grow a business. With our offices nestled in the heart of Kanata North we see every day the caliber of skilled and talented employees we are able to secure and the resources at our fingertips.

Small is Mighty

Kanata North Martello

Kanata North employs over 20,000 employees directly with another 10,000 indirectly employed to provide support services; this employment number has continued to consistently grow since 1991. Here at Martello, we clock in at a little under thirty employees with a diverse, highly technical skill set and a variety of educational backgrounds. We recognize the need to hire smart and focus resources on the areas that will have the biggest impact. Here in Kanata North, 75% of the tech firms have less than 50 employees. Our CEO Bruce Linton was recently interviewed about the fine art of growing a Software as a Service (SaaS) company and the challenges that small companies face if they scale too quickly.

Small is mighty and the continued balancing act in small businesses is to operate in a way that places you in the big leagues but on a trim budget. The emergence in Kanata North of ‘incubators’ similar to L-Spark, mean that growing tech businesses can thrive in a dynamic and supported environment.

The Telecom Powerhouse and the Emerging Software Opportunity

Kanata North contributes a net value-add of $7.8 billion to the economy and hosts the largest research and technology park in Canada – you can find the Martello offices smack dab in the middle of it. Like Martello, over 64% of the companies in the Kanata North technology sector are Canadian owned.

In the past, Telecom was the bread and butter of Kanata North and to this day Telecom continues to be the foundation for Kanata North’s original growth with its heavy focus on research and development. Today, the Telecom sector employs almost half of the Kanata North workforce and is closing in on 2 billion in revenues. A recent Techopia article based on the BIA report, highlighted Software as one of four subsectors to watch in Kanata North. Martello was proud to be recognised as a leading company in this category and CEO Bruce Linton credits the SaaS model for enabling the company to scale quickly. In the article he said that now, “it’s no longer, ‘What part of telecom do you work on?’ It’s, ‘What is your tech company?’ I’m talking to people who are doing aviation systems to people who’ve got gaming applications to people who are trying to figure out the next trend on consumer behaviour.”

At Martello, we develop Software as a Service (SaaS) for the Telecom industry – so in a sense, we work in two of the key sectors highlighted in this report. Both sectors are slated for continued and growing opportunities. Many say that the SaaS market is the new Telecom in Kanata North –  it is now the second largest employer in the area with total revenues of $576.6 million and the estimated productivity by sales-per-employee is at $209,000. SaaS start-ups thrive in Kanata North with the draw of available talent, exceptional mentors, investors and passionate leaders.

The Way Forward

Kanata North MartelloKanata North draws innovators and entrepreneurs that are hungry to succeed – this entrepreneurial spirit paired with established cornerstone industry giants mean that we attract exceptionally talented candidates. This is a powerful and heady combination that leads Kanata North to be almost three times as productive as the rest of Canada – instead of a GDP creation of $85,000 per worker we set the bar up at $255,000 per worker.

The SaaS industry is growing and is set to catch up to the Telecom sector, the bedrock of Kanata North’s economy.  SaaS is increasingly recognized as a significant opportunity for Kanata North and Canada, as this industry does not require sizable capital investment like many other industries – the bulk of the investment is made in acquiring skilled workers. At Martello, we are honoured to be a part of such a thriving and dynamic community and look forward to being a part of the evolving success story of Kanata North.


As network complexity increases, downtime can seem inevitable. Each year, companies lose $26.5 billion in revenue due to IT downtime – either planned or unplanned. When there are critical application failures on the network the costs can hit a staggering 1 million dollars per hour  lost in Fortune 1000 companies.

Pinpointing the source of a voice quality problem is among the greatest challenges for telecom professionals and isolating the issue takes time and eats up valuable resources. Resolving problems quickly requires end-to-end remote monitoring of the network – and to effectively manage voice quality, a solution that combines UC and network management is critical. Tools that alert IT professionals to problems and identify their source quickly lead to a dramatic decrease in downtime.