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Patient electronic records management and availability are becoming a key driver in patient care management, making business network access and performance a critical issue for many healthcare institutions.

The healthcare sector is constantly evolving and is subject to government regulations such as HIPAA. In many countries, patient electronic records management and availability are becoming a key driver in patient care management, where this type of information must be available so that medical personnel can provide the right treatment.

At the same time, telemedicine is making it possible for remote communities to access quality healthcare. Some healthcare providers now see the Internet as a medical opportunity, combined with other technologies such as VoIP and teleconferencing.
With these tools, medical practitioners can remotely assist other medical staff at a specific site to provide diagnostic or procedural advice on patients.


This new reality means that network reliability and performance are key to successful healthcare outcomes: it can become a matter of life or death. Martello’s solutions deliver peace of mind to healthcare providers: confidence that the network will perform reliably, around the clock. A steady connection, in the case of remote surgeries, can be as essential as a steady hand.

Martello’s Elfiq Link Balancers provide reliable uptime and business continuity features to provide peace of mind to healthcare professionals. With links from multiple sources on multiple technologies, Internet access uptime can reach 99.999%, ensuring unwavering connectivity at all times.

For organizations with multiple clinics or campuses, Martello’s SD-WAN solutions make it possible to interconnect sites together, simplifying the overall architecture while adding resilience and flexibility to the network.


The volume of calls coming in and out of clinics or hospitals is staggering. With appointments and follow-up calls carried out every day, in addition to internal calls to various specialists, such organizations can’t settle on poor voice quality. Dropped voice calls, delay or echo can disrupt communications and represent huge wastes of time in an environment where every second counts.

Martello’s software monitors and manages the performance of UC systems, reporting on key metrics such as voice quality, delay, jitter and packet loss. The Vantage suite includes UC Network Health Testing, a specialized module designed to detect and troubleshoot issues specific to Voice Performance before they occur. This ensures that healthcare providers can continue relying on flawless communications.

"Leiden University Medical Center has depended on Martello’s solutions to deliver insight and reliability for our mission-critical IT infrastructure for close to ten years. Over this period, Martello’s solutions have grown with us and helped us manage our hybrid cloud environment more effectively."
– Leiden University Medical Center
Leiden University Medical Center
“Martello prevents problems on the network from impacting our practice. Whether a voice quality or system issue, we have confidence that Martello’s solution will ensure service quality isn’t impacted."
– Sebasticook Family Doctors
Sebasticook Family Doctors
Mom and Child Visiting the Doctor's Office
“We integrated Elfiq Networks’ Link Load Balancer to provide redundancy and a seamless implementation with our current platform. With Elfiq providing great support we are a very satisfied customer.”
– Phytel
As the healthcare sector continues to evolve, Martello’s solutions can help deliver confidence that your network will perform reliably, around the clock.