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Challenges with Microsoft Office 365 SLA?

Microsoft guarantees the availability (and sometimes performance) of Microsoft 365 and Teams through their Service Level Agreement contract. But how many companies can really get data from Microsoft that shows the achievement of this service delivery? We see a lot of partners and companies asking us how to track these SLAs for varied reasons. The answer is: It’s difficult. But Martello Vantage DX can help.

What Is Microsoft’s Service Level Agreement?

Microsoft SLAs are defined in their SLA contract used to describe Microsoft’s commitments for uptime and connectivity for Microsoft Online Services.

What is important to know is that Microsoft can only guarantee the availability and quality of its applications at the border of the Microsoft Global Network. As they don’t own your ISP, your third-party security services, or your infrastructure so they cannot guarantee the service delivered to the end-users.

On top of that Microsoft guarantees only specific features for its applications. For example, if we talk about Exchange, you won’t find any mention of being able to create a calendar invite or to download an attachment in an email.

Therefore, to best understand the level of service provided by Microsoft you need to:

  • Test the services from the same place they test it, meaning the Microsoft Global Network
  • Test the same KPI that Microsoft commits too.

With both scenarios, Martello Vantage can help.

Manage Your Office 365 SLA to Ensure Service Uptime

With Martello Vantage DX, you can continuously test the Microsoft services, 24/7. Whether it is Microsoft Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, or other Business applications, Martello is performing the same actions that Microsoft is testing. For example, it runs calls 24/7 to determine the availability of the feature but also the call quality. IT can access OneDrive and SharePoint to see if the service is available and if you can modify a document library or a document in a OneDrive folder. IT can access Exchange, even in OWA and check if a user can send and receive email. Robot users are doing much more of course, but here we focus again on what Microsoft is committed to.

Martello can test the same KPI Microsoft is enforcing. Now to test them from where Microsoft tests them, you can put our Robots in Azure, which is inside the Microsoft Global Network, at the same front door your users are using. Therefore, Martello can continuously measure the KPI that Microsoft commits to from where Microsoft is committing them.

For reporting, Martello provides automatic SLA calculation overtime where you can correlate the data produced to monitor the Microsoft services with the Microsoft Health service alerts. This allows you to see and report each SLA breach that you identified that an alert was also received from Microsoft.

Now of course, there is still your data, and you will need to discuss with Microsoft how to improve your overall situation if the service does not meet your expectations.

The Results

Automatic calculation of Microsoft SLA from where Microsoft is calculating them

Automatic reports highlighting root cause of SLA breaches

Get all the data you need to discuss with Microsoft

Understand the difference between the service quality provided by Microsoft and the one delivered to your end users



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