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Challenges with Immediately Identifying a Microsoft Office 365 Outage

Though rare, Microsoft outages can impact the productivity of your entire organization and for IT teams, staying one step ahead of an outage has never been more critical.

When a global outage occurs, Microsoft sends out a Twitter notification – typically 45 minutes after the problem has started. However, business lines are impacted at minute one. To limit the impact of a Microsoft outage and quickly develop workarounds, IT teams need to know as soon as the problem occurs and have details on the nature of the issue, where it is happening, its severity and which users are impacted.

Is There a Microsoft 365 Outage Today?

A notification or alert from Microsoft that is received well into an outage has numerous impacts on business lines. When information is limited and nobody knows whether it is a global outage, it is difficult to put workarounds in place. Therefore, being able to spot and qualify a Microsoft outage from its early beginning is key to reducing problematic outcomes.

Reduce the Impact of Microsoft Outages

Martello Vantage DX continuously tests every Microsoft 365 workload from every critical location, to assess the availability and performance of the services in real time. On top of that our network path monitoring is able to assess if unexpected latencies are coming from the Microsoft Global Network.

As soon as an outage is detected, an alert is raised to the IT team, enabling them to determine if the outage is coming from Microsoft, from an ISP or from their own internal infrastructure.

This solution determines in seconds which workloads are impacted, where, and who is experiencing issues with enough data to clearly show who is ultimately responsible for the issue.

This allows IT to alert their business lines immediately and provide workarounds to limit the business impact of any outage.

Martello Vantage DX also provides automatic SLA calculations that can help provide evidence when discussing SLAs with Microsoft or any service provider.

The Results

Immediately identify a Microsoft outage

Measure Microsoft SLAs

Quickly qualify the outage: who, what and where

Limit the impact of an outage on business lines



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