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Nearly Everything You Need To Know About Vantage DX

Nearly Everything You Need To Know About Vantage DX
April 22, 2024

Vantage DX, the only Experience Management Solution purpose-built for Microsoft Teams.

This might well be your first-time hearing about Vantage DX. If it is…welcome! We’re here to help enterprises improve their communication and collaboration by giving them the tools they need to understand what is and isn’t working with their Microsoft Teams setup. Here’s just a quick starter to give you some idea of what Vantage DX is capable of. We’re confident you’ll want to know more after a couple minutes reading.

With Vantage DX, Reactive Becomes ProactiveVDX 3.5 | Call Quality Dashboard

Transitioning from reactive to proactive is a big deal, particularly in an IT setting. Fixing issues before they snowball can be the difference between a simple ticket and massive business disruption. But the only way to be effective at proactivity is when you’re armed with the information you need. That’s where Vantage DX’s dashboard comes into play. It displays real-time performance metrics for all calls: including peer-to-peer, conference, and PSTN, alongside insights into call volume versus quality, giving IT teams a comprehensive understanding of Teams’ usage and potential quality issues, anywhere in an organization.

Through that same dashboard, IT teams can visualize performance, filtered by region, country , or city, role or VIP status enabling them to prioritize their response effectively – incredibly useful for enterprises. The integration of Microsoft’s native data surfaces users  and devices experiencing quality issues in real time, offering a complete, live breakdown of affected users, their locations, and the severity of issues. Vantage DX adds deep value as you can then slice and dice the data from different perspectives ie. the filters mentioned above, so you can prioritize issues based on the impact on your business. For example, if your C-suite is all having issues you can take a deep dive into exactly what is occurring and why. That means your IT teams can respond in a measured way, deploying resources to match issues.

A Real Know It All

Vantage DX is capable of drilling down, beyond the dashboard, to provide a granular view of core quality issues. By focusing on specific locations, such as a company’s headquarters, can reveal detailed insights into call quality and volume, potentially indicating local capacity issues. This level of detail extends to the network path analysis, identifying latency issues and pinpointing their root causes, whether within the company, the ISP, or even Microsoft itself.

Beyond individual and location-based monitoring, Vantage DX can monitor business services and SLA tracking. This feature allows organizations to set performance targets and receive alerts if these targets are at risk of being breached, providing valuable insights into the quality of service delivered to business lines and management. Another big ticket for IT teams.

User experience is a deeply important but often tough-to-define metric. With Vantage DX, IT teams can quickly analyze service quality delivered to specific users or groups of users. It provides a comprehensive view of good and poor quality calls, types of calls, local network issues or issues with  the ISPs used, enabling IT administrators to identify and resolve issues effectively, regardless of whether the user works from home, the office, or elsewhere. Now that’s the kind of user experience everyone can appreciate.

The platform’s advanced alerting is also a key piece of it delivering proactive power. Alerts can be customized based on any filterable condition, meaning IT teams are only notified of the issues important to their SLAs. This approach to monitoring and alerting means that even when a distributed team isn’t in front of the dashboard, they’ll be in the know.

Synthetic Testing – The Secret Weapon

Another groundbreaking feature is Vantage DX’s synthetic transactions. These transactions, carried out by automated bots, test the availability and performance of Teams and other Microsoft 365 features from any location, replicating end-user transactions to detect service degradations or outages, often before they impact users. Pure proactivity. Over time, this synthetic testing can help to improve response times and issue resolution speeds.

Well, There You Have it

Vantage DX is THE comprehensive Microsoft Teams monitoring solution. There is nothing else available that delivers this level of insight into Teams performance.

We’ve only quickly covered how it works and why it can help you transform your communication and collaboration. If you’ve got to this point, we’re now more than confident you’re interested to find out more.

Get in touch with Martello today to find out how it can help your business.

To discover more about Vantage DX, schedule a technical demo with one of Martello’s specialists.


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