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Martello’s IT Operations Analytics unifies all of your disparate monitoring tools, cloud platforms and ITSM systems. It improves troubleshooting, decreases downtime and makes reporting easier. Based on Elasticsearch it can handle millions of IT alerts in milliseconds, correlating them to understand the business impact and automate incident workflows. Quickly find all of your Windows computers or order entry alerts by using natural language searches. Easy-to-use straight out of the box, your team can start analyzing data, streamline alert and incident workflows and create business value dashboards instantly.

For WhatsUp Gold and Martello customers this means having the power to:

  • Monitor service and device health, SLA’s and financial impact of outages with customizable dashboards.
  • Calculate SLA’s coming from WhatsUp Gold and share with the CxO, or helpdesk so everyone has access to the data.
  • Store devices and all relationships that are discovered by WhatsUp Gold.
  • Quickly analyze where a problem is coming from using dependency diagrams
  • Apply business context to WhatsUp Gold environments so that issues that can impact service delivery can be found quickly.

Functional Specifications

  1. Retrieving devices and device groups.
  2. Retrieving health states based on the InternalMonitorState field of the device or device group: 1 is critical, 2 is in maintenance mode, 3 is healthy and everything else is unknown.
  3. Retrieving relationships between device groups and between device group and devices.
  4. Retrieve alerts from AlertCenterItems, AlertCenterStateHistory and ProActiveAlert tables.

Don’t see your integration?
Custom integrations are available upon request.

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