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Location, location, location: Kanata North techies collaborate to compete with the world

July 9, 2016 | Ottawa Citizen

Location’s one of the first things Bruce Linton considered when he launched Martello Technologies, a software-as-a-service(SaaS) company that develops and manages cloud-based communications systems. He put Martello in an office right on the path between the Mitel Tower and the campus cafeteria. Then he mounted a monitor outside his company offices with a sports ticker, a trivia-and-technology roll, and Martello news bites.

Mitel employees, a fertile source of recruitment, headed for lunch couldn’t help but pause and, when they read the latest news on hoverboards, a Martello release came right on its heels.
“You want frequency of touch or frequency of visibility to be high, not an annual event,” Linton said. “So in Kanata North you can actually get that location, location, location to your targeted partner pretty dialed in.”

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