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Managing PSTN connectivity options with Microsoft Teams, such as Calling Plans, Direct Routing and Operator Connect requires perfect coordination between internal teams such as Network, Telephony or Microsoft 365, and third party providers such as the carrier and the SBC.

To ensure Microsoft Teams PSTN service quality, every stakeholder must have the same visibility into the user experience and what can affect it.

What Is Martello Vantage DX for Microsoft Teams Telephony and PSTN Connectivity?

Martello Vantage DX™ enables IT teams to understand and share Microsoft Teams user experience metrics with every stakeholder involved in the service delivery. Gain insight into Microsoft Teams’ telephony user experience; whether the calls are direct or using PSTN connectivity such as Calling Plans, Direct Routing or Operator Connect.

It provides a holistic approach that collects, organizes and alerts on the failures and poor-quality issues with enough context to prioritize and resolve problems before they impact your business lines and customers.

Key Martello Vantage DX for Microsoft Teams Telephony and PSTN Connectivity Features

Alert on Microsoft Teams Telephony User Experience

  • Automatic discovery of your user location, connectivity type, carrier, SIP trunk provider and network challenges.
  • Custom alerting to match critical groups of users.
  • Prioritize your network and infrastructure spend with enhanced Microsoft Teams telephony service quality dashboard.

Monitor the Service Delivered by Your PSTN Carrier

  • Group user experience data by carrier to detect and alert on PSTN carrier call quality issues.
  • Correlate user issue with PSTN Carrier and trunk usage data (users, devices, inbound, outbound, minutes, etc.)

End-to-end Root Cause Analysis of Microsoft Teams with PSTN Connectivity

  • Define end-to-end Microsoft Teams PSTN business services by correlating your existing network monitoring data (PBX, SBC, switch, etc.) with Martello Vantage DX insights to report on service performance.
  • Easily share end-to-end performance report with every stakeholder

SBC Devices & Call Quality Monitoring

Monitor, detect and alert on SBC service availability

  • Correlate SBC Device information and Health status with Microsoft Teams Call analytics.
  • Get alerted on every potential SBC issue (Chassis, trunk, device, network connection, licenses, security, etc.)
  • Understand if the SBC is the root cause of call issues
  • Test the network path performance between your users and the SBC continuously.

Correlate SBC call reports with Microsoft Call Analytics

  • Get true end-to-end visibility of the entire Microsoft Teams voice direct routing route
  • Increase collaboration between the UC and Teams management teams
  • Reduce the Mean Time to Repair for PSTN issues dramatically
  • Increase user satisfaction and the ROI on your Microsoft Teams Phone investment

Key Martello Vantage DX for Microsoft Teams Telephony and PSTN Connectivity Benefits

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  • Group users and locations to define custom sensitive alerts on every issue.
  • Easily share dashboards and insights with every team involved in the service delivery (Network, UC, 3rd party, etc.).
  • Covers all Microsoft Teams calls whether they are direct or using PSTN connectivity such as Calling Plans, Direct Routing or Operator Connect.

  • Correlate end-users issues with your internal network monitoring data.
  • Understand how PBX, SBC and any other on-premises equipment affect the voice service.
  • Automatically correlate alerts and Teams call quality data with your ITSM tools.

  • Decrease management and support overhead.
  • Achieve minimal mean time to resolution (MTTR).
  • Reduce Microsoft escalations.

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  • Define custom performance reports and/or SLAs based on location, or any group of users.
  • Automatically spot the root cause of a service level performance breach.



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