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Martello’s Top Binge-Worthy Shows To Enjoy This Summer

July 29, 2019

Whether you’re at the cottage for a week of holidays or you’re just coming home from a long day at work and looking to unwind, streaming a great show to your TV or mobile device is a popular way to enjoy some quiet time.

Many people have moved away from traditional cable and are streaming most of their entertainment over the Internet. From breaking news stories streaming from a website to YouTube music and larger platforms like Netflix, Prime Video and Crave streaming television and movies, these traffic-heavy applications can take a toll on your network.

Understanding how the next phase of this technological evolution will impact your business is essential to future-proofing your network and preventing downtime. With many forms of real-time traffic travelling across your network, it’s important that your network infrastructure is up to the task.

Martello not only has the solution to alleviate any potential network issues, but also has some great recommendations for your leisure time this summer.

With many shows being on hiatus for the summer, finding a great series to binge-watch after the sun sets on a hot summer’s day can be a challenge. Here are our binge-worthy recommendations for the summer.

Which ones have you watched so far?

Name: Paul Grant, Senior Web Developer

Most Binge-Worthy Show of the Summer: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It’s A Must-Watch Because: “For my wife and I, this is our second time going through the series. We still laugh out loud every episode. It’s just funny and with the short episodes, it’s not hard to make time for it, even with busy evenings.”

Name: Salina Tran, Junior Marketing Specialist

Most Binge-Worthy Show of the Summer: Suits

It’s A Must-Watch Because: “It hooks you in and keeps you on the toes. You can’t stop watching until to know what happens next. S/N they also just recently launched their next season and I watched it all in one day – I am not sure if that’s something I am proud of yet.”

Name: Michel Landfeldt, Accounting and Payroll Administrator

Most Binge-Worthy Show of the Summer: Dark

It’s A Must-Watch Because: “Very interesting plus really good acting”

Name: Sara Purdon, Marketing Communications Manager

Most Binge-Worthy Show of the Summer: The Mindy Project

It’s A Must-Watch Because: “Incredibly mindless, fun and amazing clothing!”]Name: Bill Kuker, Lead Software Developer

Most Binge-Worthy Show of the Summer: Letterkenny

It’s A Must-Watch Because: “A fond reminder of my Canadian Martello co-workers.”

Name: Sandra Holland, Marketing Communications Specialist

Most Binge-Worthy Show of the Summer: Jessica Jones

It’s A Must-Watch Because: “The final season of Jessica Jones captivates you with every episode as you follow her as she hunts down a serial killer that is terrorizing the lives of the people in her city. Struggling with the concept of being a hero, this PI tries to make a difference and live up to the hero name she has been given. I found it hard to just watch one episode at a time because the storyline blended well into the next episode, that’s what makes this season truly binge-worthy!”

Name: Kristina Raja, Web Designer

Most Binge-Worthy Show of the Summer: Queer Eye Season 4

It’s A Must-Watch Because: “It’s fabulous”

Name: Maria Sukey, Marketing Summer Student

Most Binge-Worthy Show of the Summer: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

It’s A Must-Watch Because: “It’s smart and funny and almost every character is likable, and season two even features summer camp for grown ups in the Catskills (no spoilers)!”

Most Binge-Worthy Show of the Summer: Stranger Things

Who Voted For It?

Andrea Easton, Customer Success Manager

Paul Kudzia, Sales Rep

Des McDonald, Network Lab Technician

It’s A Must-Watch Because: “Who doesn’t love the 80’s?”

“They release their seasons aligned with the summer, it’s a nostalgic throwback.”

Do you have a good show you have not been able to stop streaming? Share it with us!



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