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Howt to Quick identify Problems with Mitel Performance Analtyics

February 19, 2019

Networks are no longer just required to send and/or receive emails, load web pages and provide instant messaging. Today’s environment has a need for real-time connectivity to allow customers to make phone calls and participate in live video chats. One employee may be listening to music while they work, another may be in a live video conference call with colleagues on the other side of the world. Delays in the voice or video stream are not only obvious but can also discourage users to engage if it is not working properly. This puts more pressure on networks than ever before. So how do you meet the challenge of ongoing network demand?

Martello NetworkReliable unified communications (UC) network performance means a smooth user experience and less downtime – but it can be difficult to deliver in today’s complex networks.

Mitel platforms need to be trusted Mitel performance management – we’ve got you covered with this latest release that includes enhancements to speed onboarding for a better customer experience. Each new release of Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) brings additional tools to help lay the groundwork for exceptional UC network performance.

This month’s release of Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) R3.0 will help you know when problems are occurring and resolve them quickly.

The latest features include:

MPA for MiVoice Connect

MPA 3.0 now includes support for MiVoice Connect that includes, secure remote access, telephony services monitoring, CPU, memory, disk, network monitoring and alarm management including voice quality and backups.

Improved MX-ONE Feature Integration

Additional feature integration was added for MX-ONE customers, including trunk capacity reporting, TDM trunk traffic and extended support for premise or air-gapped systems and power supply support.

Advanced UC Network Testing

Test VoIP and network performance with synthetic calls to quickly pinpoint a problem with tools customized for voice and video. This feature is included in MPA Plus.

Improved Customer Lifecycle Management

Increased functionality for administrators onboarding new users. Features include detailed welcome emails and standardized user role templates to streamline permission granting.

How this release is enhancing the story:

MPA 3.0


MPA R3.0 Infographic

Check out how the latest version enhances the story with this MPA R3.0 Infographic

MPA 3.0

Mitel Performance Analytics is available as part of the Mitel Software Assurance Premium subscription.


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