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CASE STUDY: Pomperaug Regional School District

March 10, 2016

Identifying the cause of a voice quality issue is exceedingly difficult in today’s complex business communications networks. From routers to switches and session border controllers, there are many multi-vendor systems in the network infrastructure, any of which can be misconfigured or failing – impacting VoIP systems. It’s no surprise then, that finding the source of a voice quality problem can be like looking for a veritable needle in a haystack for IT professionals, channel partners or service providers trying to isolate and then identify where a specific issue lies. Often, issues are only flagged after they begin to impact the end user but by then the root of the problem could have gone unidentified for days or weeks.

Pomperaug Regional School District 15 educates the children of Middlebury and Southbury in one high school (Pomperaug High School), two middle schools (Memorial Middle School and Rochambeau Middle School), four elementary schools (Gainfield, Long Meadow, Middlebury, and Pomperaug Elementary School). The historic Mary I. Johnson school houses the central administrative offices for the district.

The school district provides a comprehensive education program to meet the interests abilities, needs, and career goals of all students. Goal-setting provides the foundation and framework to ensure that an organizational focus on 21st century learning is maintained. Regional School District 15’s long-term goal sets a clear and compelling vision for the district’s current and future efforts.

With Martello’s solution for voice quality in education, Pomperaug District School was able to detect and troubleshoot issues.


  • Regional school district with 7 schools
  • MiVoice Business systems and handsets provided and managed by Mitel partner Total Communications
  • Persistent voice quality problem (echo, choppy audio) impacting calls at Pomperaug High School.
  • Test calls to emulate the problem failed to find its cause over a 6 month period.


“Within a week of deployment, Mitel Performance Analytics solved a voice quality problem we had struggled with for 6 months. The detailed Mitel voice quality data in MPA differentiates it from other management systems and ensures voice quality problems don’t persist.”

Pomperaug High School


  • Voice quality problems are detected quickly and can be resolved before the user experience is impacted.
  • Troubleshooting is simplified with detailed voice quality data and secure remote access by Total Communications.
  • Quarterly performance reports generated by MPA allow Total Communications to demonstrate performance and utilization to Pomperaug over a 3 month period.

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