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Tradition Meets Innovation as MPA Proactively Manages Network Performance at Britain’s Harrow School

Founded in 1572, Harrow School is one of Britain’s leading independent schools. Steeped in tradition, Harrow’s distinguished uniform includes, morning suits, top hats and canes, boarded in ‘Houses’  there are timeworn school customs that include the carving of pupils names onto house boards, the usage of a traditional slang language and complicated football type game.

Harrow SchoolNotable alumni include statesmen like Sir Winston Churchill, Nobel Prize winners, Earls, noted writers and even kings . The school has an enrollment of 824 boys, spread across a campus that includes twelve boarding houses, and a communications infrastructure supporting telephone service from the Headmaster’s board room to the Admissions office call centre to payphones in student residence. Despite the school’s commitment to tradition, it recently undertook a technology upgrade with a managed private cloud business communications system from Mitel, and with help from partner Arden Telecom. With a state-of-the-art telephony infrastructure now in place, Harrow School chose a managed, proactive monitoring and support service powered by Mitel Performance Analytics to keep it all performing reliably.

By moving from a legacy ISDN 30 to new SIP trunks, Harrow Schools achieved cost savings from reduced line rental and call costs. This best-of-breed solution gave them a future proof, high performance communications system that Harrow now relies upon to conduct business and keep students connected each day. Partner, Arden Telecom recommended its proactive managed monitoring and support service to Harrow, which uses Mitel Performance Analytics. Harrow SchoolMitel Performance Analytics monitors Harrow’s entire network around the clock, alerting their support partner in real-time when a problem is detected. The software-as-a-service gives Arden Telecom the tools to find the source of a problem quickly, and then use remote access to address it before it becomes a problem for users at Harrow School: “The proactive monitoring service, powered by Mitel Performance Analytics protects our investment in leading edge telephony”, said Dr. Christopher O’Mahony, IT Manager of Harrow School. “We know that problems like poor voice quality won’t impact our users, since MPA will help our support partner to address the problem very quickly”.