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If your company is relying on Microsoft Teams to stay productive, then IT has its work cut out for them to ensure that the user experience is top-notch.

IT leaders know though that Teams troubleshooting can burn through IT resources trying to pinpoint a reoccurring Teams user issue or when an outage happens and the panic to quickly find out why things aren’t working.

Our masterclass webinar series takes a deep dive for IT teams into best practices for troubleshooting Teams including how to leverage native tools to identify, qualify and validate call issues.

Walk through the episodes and then download our ultimate guide to Teams Troubleshooting that will quickly have you mastering Teams performance.

Episode 1: Calls & Meetings

  • Troubleshooting Teams
  • Teams Calls 101 – Terms & Tools
  • Qualifying and Validating Call Problems with Native Tools
  • Troubleshoot with Martello Vantage DX

Episode 2: Identifying Local Network Problems

  • The Enterprise Teams Architecture – theory vs reality
  • Identify Local Issues with Microsoft Native Tools
  • How to Troubleshoot with Vantage DX
  • Recommendations for Troubleshooting Local Network Problems

Episode 3: Preventing Poor Teams Call & Meeting Quality with Microsoft CQD and Power BI

  • What does it mean to “Prevent”?
  • Reducing the Productivity Loss of Teams Issues
  • Identifying Who and What to Monitor
  • How to get Native Visibility
  • Getting to “Prevention”

Microsoft Teams Troubleshooting Masterclass

Optimize your Microsoft Teams user experience with our masterclass, guiding IT teams through troubleshooting best practices, utilizing native tools to swiftly address call issues.

eBook | Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams What Native Tools Can and Can't do
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