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In our current ‘work from anywhere’ world, the user experience has become a critical priority for CIOs. With a growing number of services being delivered as cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams lack visibility and control of the user experience. Digital business initiatives can only be successful if the user’s experience is a good one.

Martello’s digital experience monitoring (DEM) solutions provide I&O leaders the tools to understand and improve the user’s experience of key cloud collaboration and productivity solutions, such as voice and video conferencing – dramatically improving the users’ overall experience.

How Does Digital Experience Monitoring Work?

What causes poor digital experience?

From network congestion to device malfunctions, configuration problems, and broken and missing links, there are a number of things that impact the digital experience. As an increasing number of applications and services are being hosted and delivered from public clouds, instead of on-premise data centers, I&O teams lack control or visibility into the components that make up these applications. That’s why the focus of I&O professionals is shifting to the user experience, to ensure timely and reliable access to critical business applications.

What is digital experience monitoring?

Traditional network and application performance monitoring approaches can identify network problems that could impact the performance of cloud-based services, but lack insight into the user experience of these cloud services. Martello’s digital experience monitoring (DEM) solutions provide deeper insight by correlating data on network and application performance with insight into the user’s experience of the service. While other DEM solutions can make this connection between performance and user experience, Martello takes this a step further, demonstrating to enterprises why the problem happened.

How does DEM resolve poor digital experience?

Even though the DEM market has been recently defined by Gartner, Martello has been operating in the DEM market for many years. Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) provides both synthetic transaction monitoring and real-user monitoring for Mitel Unified Communications, which are critical capabilities for a solution to be considered a DEM solution.

The ability to combine data about user’s digital experiences with other monitoring data such as network performance data provides explanations for why users were having a poor digital experience. For example, high packet loss on a branch office network appliance can explain why users in that branch office may be getting slow page load times in Microsoft SharePoint Online. Martello iQ is able to perform this analysis.

EMA Report: Martello Powers Microsoft 365 Service Excellence

Martello DEM puts IT teams in control of the Microsoft 365 user experience, delivering significant cost savings and productivity gains.

Why Digital Experience Monitoring? Key Benefits

Optimized end-user experience through increased visibility into application availability and performance.

Better visibility into the performance of SaaS and cloud services, providing IT teams the tools to help them manage the end-user experience.

Increased employee productivity and satisfaction resulting in a deeper understanding of business impact, leading to better ROI.

Improved end-to-end network monitoring strategy that provides a 360-degree view with efficient root cause analysis.

Proactive monitoring and quicker troubleshooting results in reduced help desk support tickets.

Ability to identify baseline end user experience to better define Service Level Agreements.

“By 2023, 60% of digital business initiatives will require I&O to report on users’ digital experience, up from less than 15% today. ”

Gartner, Market Guide for Digital Experience Monitoring, Federico De Silva, Sanjit Ganguli, Charley Rich, 5 September 2019

Digital Experience Monitoring Solutions



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