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Today’s communication depends on Microsoft Teams collaboration and telephony service quality, whether to pitch to clients, for customer support or collaboration with internal or external stakeholders. To achieve this, the entire route to the cloud and PSTN interconnections must work reliably every time.

Martello Vantage DX™ provides the only all-in-one monitoring solution for Microsoft Teams collaboration and telephony services that bridge the gap between the network infrastructure, PSTN infrastructure, Microsoft services and third party service providers, helping enterprise IT teams to maximize their investment in Microsoft cloud services.

What Is Martello Vantage DX for Microsoft Teams?

Whether your Microsoft Teams users are at the office or on the road, Martello has got you covered. Vantage DX combines 24/7 synthetic transactions, end-to-end network path analysis, real user monitoring, infrastructure insight and soon call quality data from session border controllers (SBCs) to provide a holistic view of the entire suite of Microsoft Teams collaboration and telephony services.

Key Teams Monitoring Features

Troubleshoot Teams User Experience Issues in Minutes

  • Get visibility and understanding of the end user experience and root cause of issues.
  • Define end to end Microsoft Teams service monitoring by correlating your existing infrastructure, network and telephony data with Martello Vantage DX.
  • Instantly identify if on premise equipment or third party service providers are affecting the quality of the Microsoft Teams service.

Proactive Microsoft Teams User Experience Monitoring

  • Detect potential user experience issues for every critical Microsoft Teams feature before they impact your business lines.
  • Provide detailed analysis of the network and route to the cloud conditions when the issue occurs.

Microsoft Teams Voice and Telephony Quality Monitoring

  • Detect Teams call quality issues at the user level and provide actionable insights to troubleshoot every meeting, rooms, cloud and PSTN call.
  • Group users and data automatically in the way that matters to you and define custom alerting for service issues.
  • Monitor the level of service provided by your ISPs.

Deep Dive Latency Analysis

  • Visualize and analyze the end-to-end network path from your critical locations and users to Microsoft Teams services.
  • Spot which network is responsible for any latency, packet loss or Jitter.

Key Teams Monitoring Benefits

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  • Detect internal or external service performance issues before they impact the end user.
  • Ensure maximum reliability and end user satisfaction for the services.

  • Prioritize network and infrastructure issues by understanding visually how they impact Microsoft Teams service delivery.
  • Automatically correlate alerts and monitoring data with your ITSM tools.

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  • Decrease management and support overhead.
  • Achieve minimal Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR).
  • Reduce Microsoft escalations.

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  • Define custom performance reports and / or SLAs based on location or any group of users.
  • Automatically spot the root cause of a Service Level Performance breach.


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