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Real-time communications are at the core of networking challenges facing hospitality providers today. The Internet has revolutionized how mobile workforces access information while away from the office, leveraging bandwidth-intensive services like unified communications (UC), video calls and streaming.

To meet this need, hospitality providers began offering their customers high-speed Internet access (HSIA) in guest rooms a few years ago. Mobile workers grew accustomed to this service, quickly setting a new level of expectation for their stays. Currently, Internet access is considered as critical as plumbing and electricity in guest requirements — if not more.

To keep up with that demand and deliver reliable HSIA under the pressures of real-time communications, hundreds of properties rely on Martello’s SD-WAN and UC Performance Management solutions.


A failure of high-speed internet access can cost hotels dramatically with the loss of guest loyalty and revenues. Business travelers have a critical need to connect to corporate applications such as email, VPN, shared documents and internal Web applications. Also, with Internet-based applications like VoIP, SkypeTM, SlingBoxTM, BitTorrentTM, and YouTubeTM, user demand for bandwidth is increasing, and existing links can quickly get saturated.

Martello’s Link Balancers provide affordable, efficient multiple Internet link management to hospitality providers. With links from multiple sources on multiple technologies, Internet access uptime can reach 99.999%, ensuring connectivity to demanding business customers and enhancing guest loyalty.

Cost reduction is also achievable by removing some more expensive links such as T1s and combining them with low-cost DSL or cable modems. Properties can deliver on the promise of constant and reliable Internet access while reducing monthly operating costs.


Managing the performance of UC systems on networks can be challenging in the 24/7 world of hospitality. Dropped voice calls, delay or echo can disrupt both employee and guest communication, negatively impacting the guest experience. Martello’s software monitors and manages the performance of UC systems, reporting on key metrics such as voice quality, delay, jitter and packet loss.

Martello’s Vantage suite includes UC Network Health Testing and UCScore, a network site qualification tool. Vantage ensures that hospitality providers can prevent, detect and address network problems impacting UC performance, and have them resolved before they can impact the guest experience.

Hospitality Technology Next Generation

Martello takes great pride in being a member of Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG). HTNG’s mission is “to foster, through collaboration and partnership, the development of next-generation systems and solutions that will enable hoteliers and their technology vendors to do business globally in the 21st century”.

Hospitality operators across the world can take advantage of numerous features to significantly increase the reliability of their corporate and guest networks. With this in mind, becoming a member of HTNG was an easy decision to take.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
Solving hospitality bandwidth challenges with Martello’s Elfiq Link Balancing solutions.
Firmdale Hotels Case Study
Managing a unified communications network when customer service and guaranteed uptime is critical.
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Delivering reliable Internet performance under the pressures of real-time services.
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Hospitality Industry
To keep up with network demands, hundreds of hospitality providers rely on Martello’s Solutions.
“We have deployed the LBX2600 series in most of our properties around the world, allowing us to offer uninterrupted HSIA to our guests. I would recommend these solutions to any hotel property.”
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
"Hospitality is a 24/7 business, and Martello's software-as-a-service has been keeping Firmdale ahead of UC network performance problems for more than 4 years, improving our guest experience. Martello is always improving and augmenting its offering, solving more of our network performance challenges from a single pane of glass."
– Firmdale Hotels
Firmdale Hotels
Firmdale Hotel Room
“Installation with Elfiq Networks’ support team took less than 10 minutes. The devices’ automatic notification of circuit trouble is very handy and allows me to support my properties no matter where I may be. Installing these units positively affected our guest satisfaction scores.”
– Westmont Hospitality Group
Westmont Hospitality Group
“I was afraid that adopting multiple ADSL lines would reduce the speed, but it didn't — it’s stable as if I had a leased line. I currently have 620 Mbps worth of bandwidth with the LBX2600, and I am now planning to increase the bandwidth to 1.1 Gbps.”
– Conrad Hotels
Conrad Hotels
Conrad Hotel Exterior
As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, Martello’s solutions can help deliver confidence that your network will perform reliably, around the clock.